Smart Terminals


SmartTerminals offers you a complete solution to intagrate a custom build Android application with your existing ERP system. Terminals can communicate online with your local DB, or use CSV, XLS files etc. We support various DB connections – Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, IterBase, Sybase, SQLite, MS Access. Our applications can take most out of terminas hardware and use it to scan barcodes, read RFIDs / NFCs, take photos / videos, make simple and basic operations like expedition and inventory, but also complex online operations like stock transfers, parameter changing on site with no need to go to PC terminal, issuing a photo documentation to items.


The execution and subsequent processing of the Inventories consists of two parts: - Inventory records, their description, quantity and stock price are recorded in the relevant software on a PC (on the server). - In SmartTerminal there is a mobile application that downloads the necessary basic data from the server, necessary for processing 1D/2D codes on the labels and then by scanning these codes on individual stock items is recorded which material is physically in stock. The inventory can be carried out by several persons/terminals at the same time, and the current status of the scanned items can be continuously sent to the PC application. When the scanning of items in the warehouse is completed, the status of found - not found items can be printed on the PC. This list can be archived. The so-called stock reconciliation, i.e. the execution of the inventory receipt / or issue, can be carried out using the corresponding module in the main software

Warehouse management

Working with the warehouse consists of two parts: - The stock records, their description, quantity, stock location, or stock price is recorded in the appropriate software on the PC (on the server). - In SmartTerminals there is a mobile application that downloads the necessary basic data from the server and with the help of the modules dispensing from the warehouse, transfer to the warehouse, change the allocation of warehouse items, performs the relevant operations on the warehouse - online, of course.


On-line production write-off is implemented in the module "production terminal". Each employee has their own ID card with a barcode, which allows their easy and accurate identification in the "Production Terminal" application. Each step of the production order contains special barcodes for quick registration of the production step and therefore the write-off of a work task consists of scanning two barcodes and confirming the amount of work performedThe status of work in progress / order fulfilment is thus updated continuously/online and therefore possible problems, time delays, material shortages can be reacted to immediately and more significant problems in order fulfilment can be prevented Managers have reports for quick identification of potentially badly written-off production (e.g.: unwritten end, time too different from the prescribed technology), which they can then quickly and conveniently adjust, change the registered pieces, start and end time as well as the work time directly (when the net work time is changed, checks for overlapping times are automatically made and the final time of the operation is recalculated) The recording of the execution of individual production orders is also linked to the depreciation of the corresponding material, i.e. the status of basic material, work in progress as well as finished products is automatically updated in this way.

Customisation of the software

It goes without saying that software requirements are diverse and one-size-fits-all solutions usually do not meet specific requirements. Our company has been developing bespoke software since 1993 and therefore we can safely say that we can adapt/develop bespoke software for almost any requirement .