SmartTerminals distributed by STEELSOFT are widely used in retail, industry,  all type of warehouse and logistics, medical, manufacturing, finance, tourism, product tracing,  and other industries and applications. STEELSOFT has been committed to providing customers in a wide range of industries with more convenient, reliable, variable industrial PDA products. Unique modular design of smartterninals is perfect way to meet the needs of customers in different applications. Our SmartTerminals are using  one-dimensional code scanning, two-dimensional code scanning, low-frequency, high-frequency, UHF and other full-range radio frequency identification (RFID) mobile data terminals. In our devices are also integrated latest GPS positioning navigation, camera, telephone and other functions, while the expandable structural design support to add special functional modules such as micro printers, fingerprint input, second-generation ID information collection, infrared, temperature and various types of sensor data input modules, so our devices will meet all customer’s “industry-specific and specific business” application needs.